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Tango series

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

What is the EFT Tango?
  • A set of moves or interventions identified by Dr. Sue Johnson that we repeat over and over each session

  • These moves take us from content to process

  • The tango is so important because it allows clients connect in an experiential way to the attachment drama that drives their relationship distress and to share a new vulnerable message to their partner

  • When using the Tango we can never get lost in session because we can always go back to Tango move 1- reflect what you see in front of you.

  • As Carl Rogers said: “A good reflection is not a repetition- it is a revelation”

Steps and stages of EFT and the Tango
  • The steps (1-9) and stages (1-3) are the different stops on the journey to secure attachment- the final destination

  • The tango is the vehicle that takes us from stop to stop

  • Steps and stages are the WHERE: Where are we going?

  • Tango is the HOW- HOW do we get there?

  • We move through the steps and stages of EFT by using the EFT tango in each session

The moves of the tango simplified:

  1. Reflect the attachment dance you see in front of you

  2. Choose a vulnerability to explore with one partner

  3. Have this partner share something new

  4. Process both partners reaction to the new message

  5. Summarize and/or celebrate

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