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EFT supervision information sheet

what is eft supervision?

EFT supervision involves working with an ICEEFT certified EFT supervisor or an ICEEFT approved supervisor-in-training to strengthen your understanding and practice of the EFT model. By watching your recorded sessions with you, and hearing your description/understanding of your cases, your supervisor will help you identify your strengths and natural gifts, as well as the areas in which you need support. Most importantly, your EFT supervisor will come alongside you to offer encouragement and care as you learn this amazing but challenging model. We should not be on this journey alone! EFT supervision follows the ACES model to focus on and offer support in 4 main areas:


The alliance between supervisor and supervisee (we can only learn if we feel safe!).




What does an hour of EFT supervision look like?
  • Touch base about how you are doing (as therapist and human)

  • Collaboratively choose an area of focus

  • Review of video recorded session

  • Discussion and role-plays

  • Set a goal

What does a safe supervisor do?
  • Welcome all parts of you

  • Ask for regular feedback

  • Will help you grow without shaming

  • Will point out, highlight, and celebrate your strengths and successes

  • Will actively address ruptures and invite repair

Why is it important that my supervisor is certified by ICEEFT?
  • ICEEFT certified supervisors (and supervisors-in-training) undergo a rigorous process of training and evaluation in order to ensure their knowledge of the EFT model and their ability to support supervisees using the ACES model of supervision.

  • The ACES model of EFT supervision is research based (Palmer-Olsen, Gold, and Woolley, 2011) and is considered the best model for EFT supervision.

When is the best time to start EFT supervision?