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EFT Workshops

Looking to practice your EFT skills in an experiential setting? Don't miss these one-day workshops featuring various themes!

These practical workshops are designed to help you deepen your EFT skills in an experiential way. Just as we bring couples to feel in order to transform their relational experiences, learning EFT through experiencing also allows us to integrate concepts at a deeper level. Each workshop focuses on a different theme, with the aim of practicing your clinical skills and consolidating your conceptual abilities. An externship or its equivalent is therefore an essential prerequisite to ensure an optimal experience.


Given the experiential nature of these workshops, recordings of these events will not be available, and you will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement to create a safe environment conducive to skill practice.


Our bilingual format allows participants to attend in the original language of the trainer (English) or to attend to an optional simultaneous French translation channel!


Workshop #1 - Paul Greenman (French)

THEME: Enactments

DATE: April 26, 2024

(Registration closes on Apr 19th)

TIME: 9am-4pm EST

Lorrie Photo.jpg

Workshop #3 - Lorrie Brubacher (English w/French simultaneous translation)

THEME: Weaving the within/between present process in EFCT & EFIT

SAVE THE DATE: September 16, 2024 (Registration closes on Sept 9)

TIME: 9am-4pm EST

photo NG.jpg

Workshop #2 - Normand Gingras (French)

THEME: Affect assembly

DATE: May 10, 2024

(Registration closes on May 3rd)

TIME: 9am-4pm EST


All of these workshops will take place online. For confidentiality purposes, this workshop will not be recorded.

PREREQUISITE: Externship or its equivalent




*Inclusion and accessibility are at the heart of our values. We strive to increase inclusion and accessibility both linguistically, by creating varied learning opportunities for French-speaking communities, and financially. Among our initiatives, we offer an equity rate to 10% of registrations for each training workshop to encourage the participation of therapists from marginalized communities. 2 equity scholarships will be available for each workshop, distributed on a first come-first serve basis

Important note on Continuing Education recognition for these workshops:

For Canadian participants: A certificate of participation including the OPQ recognition number will be issued to participants.

* For US-based participants: A certificate of participation will be awarded to every participant. Continuing Education credits will be available for purchase. Details to come.

Consult the Policies section of our website to learn more about our registration policies.

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