EFT & Polyvagal Theory

Join us for this one-day workshop where you will learn how to integrate Polyvagal Theory to EFT with ICEEFT certified supervisor Camille Scent!

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"To connect and co-regulate with others is our biological imperative" (Porges, 2017)


Polyvagal theory was developed by Stephen Porges to describe the neurobiology behind feeling safe. It explains how our body responds and reacts differently to cues of safety vs. threat. As human beings, we are wired for connection -- through co-regulation, cues of safety from our environment such as voice and facial expression can help our autonomic nervous system down-regulate to promote health and trust. Polyvagal theory offers a complementary understanding to the science of attachment by providing a roadmap to make sense of our reactions to perceived threats to intimate connection. 

Join us on this ONE-DAY training integrating Polyvagal Theory to EFT to gain a better understanding of the neurobiology behind your couples' and individuals' distress while they navigate through a negative interpersonal pattern.


SAVE THE DATE: Friday May 5th, 2023 (Online training)