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Professional activities for therapists

Because there is always space to continue learning in our practice, you can find a list of useful clinical resources and various training opportunities in this section

In order to prepare properly for our online events, please visit the  Policies  section of our website to acquaint yourself with our various policies and guidelines.

discussion groups

Bring your coffee and join us on Monday mornings to talk about different subjects related to EFT. These discussions will be hosted by one of our EFT Quebec leadership members. Talk about starting the week on a good foot.


Schedule to come. 

lunch and learn

Join us to watch training tapes. These meetings will be animated by a certified trainer and/or a member of the EFT Quebec leadership committee.



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support groups

The road to certification can be a long process. Join us to discuss struggles, benefit from learning of others' success, find motivation, and be reassured that you are now alone.


Schedule to come.

Meanwhile, you may find some relevant information here.

Video & popcorn

Follow the therapeutic evolution of renowned EFT trainers as they engage in the couple therapy process. Offered in an open format where you attend the number of meetings that fit your schedule and needs.

Closed for now. Come back later or join the waitlist to be informed when it returns by clicking here.


Upcoming local trainings

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